Proactive Homeowners Guide To Water Damage

Proactive Homeowners Guide To Water Damage

Water damage can sometimes occur because of a sudden or accidental event like a busted pipe because of a clogged pipeline or an accidental overflow of the water heater. However, water damage can also occur gradually. A leaky roof that collapses in the end is definitely not a sudden event. Therefore, you must be extra careful in dealing with water damage, especially the ones that are avoidable. In this post, we will be discussing some common water damage issues and how they can be avoided.

It is generally occurs because of lack of insulation and high moisture levels in the air. You should ideally be looking forward to providing ample ventilation to all areas of your house so that no dampness can be experienced anywhere. Air circulation is the key. Wherever it is not present, moisture will certainly allow mildew, mold and fungus to grow.

  • Mildew on exterior walls

It usually occurs because of lack of gutters or leaky gutters and dampened areas on the walls. A vapor barrier can also be blamed for the same. The idea is to pressure wash the walls and use a disinfectant like you usually would have in the case of a normal interior mildew or mold. It will go away.

  • Plumbing issues

You will find a lot of plumbing issues in the bathroom and they are not because your plumber was a bad worker. They can occur because of regular wear and tear, deterioration of the wax ring, broken bowls, cracked toilet bowls and small leaks as well. Condensation can occur too. However, loose pipe fittings can also be a cause in this case. Just contact a good plumber and ask him to repair you pipe fittings.

  • Interior Walls

The interior walls can get damaged because they lack insurance. High levels of humidity can also lead to water damage, leading to mold, mildew and fungus growth as well. You should make sure that you are using a good insulation on the walls and creating a vapor barrier on the interior surface of the walls as well. If humidity levels are going to be high enough, use dehumidifiers for sure. You must also install exhaust fans. Make sure that your house has proper ventilation. Any place where air is trapped will cause water damage over time. So don’t take a chance and start opening your doors and windows for a few hours every day (or as long as possible). You will be surprised at the results.

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