Water Damage Tips And Checklists

Water Damage Tips And Checklists

In case of a disaster, it is far easier to save yourself than to save your home. Your home often has to go through huge amounts of damage when it is struck a disaster. In case the damage has been caused by water, like a flood, then you can bet that your home will need some heavy restoration before it becomes usable again. Water brings a lot of troubles along with it and water damage can prove to be quite a headache even if a leaky pipe has burst in your home. Here are some tips that will help you for sure.

  • If the situation looks life threatening, you should be calling 911 without wasting any time.
  • Do not stand on anything wet or enter the flooded area. If you are on the bed, stay there until help arrives. Water might get energized because of which you will receive a really nasty shock. So make sure that you are not standing on wet floor or carpets.
  • If there are other members in the household, call them and warn them. Take special care of the pets in the house. If you can get hold of rubber boots, wear them and make sure that you rescue your pets if they are in danger or call someone and let them do the needful.
  • Don’t leave the building immediately. If the disaster was caused while you were out, don’t enter the building too soon. Sometimes, the structure could become weak and it may fall without a notice.
  • If you can safely turn off the electricity of the place, do so immediately. Also turn off gas supplies and water supplies in the house.
  • Call your insurance agent as soon as possible and let him know of the damage.

The damage checklist that you need to follow

  • Are the walls and the roofs leaking in the house?
  • Has the gutter and the chimney been damaged?
  • Is the stucco in your house loose, cracking or stained?
  • Are the bricks stained and wet?
  • Has the water intruded through the windows?
  • Has the water intruded through the basement walls and windows?
  • Which rooms have been affected?
  • Are the walls and other exterior structures of your house leaking or are they intact?

With these simple tips and checklist, you will be able to explore the damage that has occurred in your house. If you are checking your house on your own, make sure that you are taking pictures or filming the damage to get insurance claims later.

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